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end fed

Вот так имя!

И так читаем заголовок вот этой статейки
Собственно на этом чтение самой статьи и завершилось, по крайней мере для меня. Рвя живот от смеха я еле удержался на стуле.

У родителей явно всё в порядке с чувством юмора.


I just wanted to ask you if you want to use a recommendation discount at the daycare. I saw it today on the front door and since we came to the daycare after your recommendation if you want it - I'll tell Igor or Alena about it.
We have been going there for the month now and I absolutely love it. My daughter speaks so much better and almost all her issues that I had with the old daycare are gone. So, thanks.
I am pretty sure that I know who you are :)) (I am thinking that your son is the only David in the group, I am pretty sure that I see you almost every morning :))
I'm glad it worked out for you. Yes, go ahead and mention me to them. Yes my son's name is David. I guess you can say hi when you see me in the morning.

Lately I got a little upset with jacked up rate for keeping child past 6 PM and fact that they'll be closed for a week in April. I think I'll demand part of my money back, since they're getting very aggressive on holidays.
They are not closing.:)))) I do not know if you asked them, but i called both Igor and I spoke to his mother and they told me that everyone wanted to come in, so they will not close.

As for the rate- my husband picks my daughter up at 4:30-5. so I do not have issues with it. :))

Ok, I will call and tell them.
My name is Julia and my daughter is Nicole.
oh, they did have some stupid shit about strollers and sunny days and $10 fee for parking inside the building:)) I thought it was funny though:)