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Chatting with T-Mobile service rep.

Coolest thing about having ability to chat with a customer service rep is that one can save the entire conversation for future use.

One such conversation took place today:

You have been connected to _Amanda S.
_Amanda S: Hi [my name] , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m _Amanda and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
_Amanda S: I see here that you have questions in ragards to the Nexus One is that correct?
ME: good morning. well I have few questions
_Amanda S: I will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you have this morning.
ME: I see that phone pricing waries based on new contract or existing contract
_Amanda S: Yes.
ME: so my first question is on the status of my current plan, am I still under contract agreement?
_Amanda S: When you upgrade to a new phone there is an upgrade fee that is charged.
_Amanda S: I will be more than happy to look into that for you.
_Amanda S: Yes the lines on the account are still under contract.
ME: how much time remains?
_Amanda S: Each line varies.
ME: i see...
_Amanda S: xx04 and xx97 lines contract ends on 9\8\2010.
_Amanda S: 3402 ends 6\9\2012.
ME: so if I purchase Nexus say on 9/10/2010 for xx97 will it fit under new contract pricing of $179?
_Amanda S: You would be doing an upgrade for that line. The new contract pricing is to get a new line, with a new number.
ME: so, if I add a new line today with a new number I'd be eligible for $179 pricing, correct?
_Amanda S: You would have to add a new line of service, however to get the Nexus One you would need the data plan for the phone to work.
_Amanda S: We do not sell the phone, it is sold through Google itself.
_Amanda S: Google offers only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web = $79.99 MRC
Existing customers who upgrade to the Nexus One Phone are required to change their rate plan to the Google offer: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web = $79.99 MRC. After purchasing the phone, customers may change to another Even More plan via or by contacting T-Mobile Customer Service.
ME: I'm aware that data plan would be required and that phone is sold via Google.
ME: are you saying that I won't be able to add this phone to existing family plan + data ($20) for that line?
_Amanda S: It has to be added from a single line only. Google had wanted the phone to be sold.
ME: what is MRC?
_Amanda S: Google is the one who set the standards on how the phone is sold, and the pricing on the phone.
_Amanda S: Monthly Recurring Charges.
ME: so seems like the only option if I want that phone is to add another line, subject to $80 MRC + $279 for the phone itself, is that correct? How do I go about keeping my existing
xx97 number on it?
_Amanda S: To get the phone at any discount at all it would require that number to be on a single line with the $80.00 rate plan.
ME: yes, I understand that, how, if at all, it will work given my current setup?
_Amanda S: The line that you want to have the Nexus One on would need to be on its own account.
ME: understood. is it possible to transfer
xx97 number to that account?
_Amanda S: Once the line has been upgraded, you can have the number placed back on the account.
ME: and have some new number issued as its replacement?
_Amanda S: They should be able to open a new account with the xx97 line, once you have the phone you can switch it back to the current account.
ME: not sure how Google would open a new acc with a number that's already in use?
_Amanda S: Google wouldn't be able to do it. Activations can. However if you want the phone at the new customer pricing it has to be a whole new number. If you want it on a current number, it would be done by upgrading.
ME: but "upgrading" means I have to pay phone's full price, correct?
_Amanda S: No, you can get the phone on discount.
_Amanda S: I can check that lines discount eligibility.
ME: << still confused :) What I want is to get that phone with discount pricing and keep xx97 on it
_Amanda S: The only way Google will give a discount is if the line that is trying to get the phone is eligible for a full discount.
_Amanda S: That line is eligible for a full discount.
_Amanda S: You can go to It will then tell you the price for the phone.
ME: :) now what about MRC ? and how will it fit into current plan? I visited that url, but I was confused given existing s situation, hence I contacted support :)
_Amanda S: I am looking into that for the existing customers.
ME: thank you
_Amanda S: Now I do want to advise you that you are not able to use the EIP equipment installment plan, which allows you to break the phone into payments.
ME: not sure what that means :) but I can pay lump sum, that's ok.
_Amanda S: The phone has to be paid for once you order it. It can not be broke down into payments.
ME: that's fine.
_Amanda S: During the purchase path on Googles website they will only be able to select the Individual Even More 500 Talk+Text+Web for a total price of 79.99. Will be subject to a 2yr voice AND data service agreement with T-Mobile if they upgrade on Googles website. After receiving the device, they may change to a different Even More rate plan as needed on or by contacting Customer Care at 611.
ME: yes, i've red that, so tell me the big picture from phone purchase from Google to upgrade with T-mobile and total MRC would be for existing account
_Amanda S: Activations would have to switch the plan for you.
ME: I'm not yet asking on how to achieve what I'm interested in, I'm asking about what would be the price
_Amanda S: They can keep the two lines on a family plan, then put the xx97 line on the single line to allow you to upgrade to the Nexus One.
_Amanda S: Once you have got the Nexus One you can go back to all three lines on the family plan.
ME: ok, let's break it down into pieces: 1) Assuming I got Nexus and I "go back" to all three lines on the family plan what would be MRC for that 2) "they can keep the two lines on a family plan", what does that mean? do I make changes to existing plan prior to ordering Nexus? how pricing is affected?
_Amanda S: I am going to go over all of that with you now.
_Amanda S: I am going to read more into the Nexus One upgrade. Please allow me 2-3 minutes to do so.
ME: thank you
ME: sure
_Amanda S: You're welcome, and thank you for your patience.
_Amanda S: The Nexus One Phone is sold solely through Google. Google owns all right to purchase and determines eligibility for handset upgrade and pricing. For additional details and updates from Google, you can go to: Nexus One Phone upgrade eligibility is only available for Individual-Regular single line rate plan customers. If you are on a family plan, and move to a single line plan the line will lose tenure, and Google will not provide a full discount, on the phone.
_Amanda S: We can cancel the line, open a new line, and we can file for a number reuse to get you the xx97 line back. However it is not guaranteed to get the xx97 line back. If the line is under contract it will be subjexted to an early termination fee. If you waited until the line was out of contract, then we can try the number reuse to see if we can get the number back to you.
_Amanda S: You can also call and talk to Google, to see what they say would also be best for you to do. Since you want the phone, and want to keep the number.
ME: so procedurally speaking the only way to get Nexus on existing family plan is to drop xx97 line out of it (subject to termination fee until 9/8/2010) then purchase the phone as a new line under 2 year contract ($80 MRC) then bring that line back under existing family plan hoping that xx97 number would still be available, though it's not guaranteed, correct?
_Amanda S: Correct.
ME: hm.. sounds like too much work and too many IFs.
ME: now
ME: if I simply purchase the phone itself from Google and pay full price for it, without any plan. What are the options of then simply using it for xx97 line?
_Amanda S: If you purcahse the phone at full price, then the phone can be used on any line on the account.
ME: so I'll simply have to add data plan for $20, correct?
_Amanda S: You can add the data plan to the phone, remove it from that line, and switch the phones around on the account if you wanted to?
ME: i understand.
_Amanda S: $24.99 is for the data plan.
ME: yes, sorry, that was my typo.
_Amanda S: That is okay.
ME: ok, I'll need some time to digest and analyze this. Thank you for you time and have a great day!
_Amanda S: You're welcome.
_Amanda S: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?
ME: that's all for now
_Amanda S: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, and thanks for being part of our family, since 2003. Have a great day!
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